Date : 19.03.2024

Program coordinators: Ms. Remyakrishnan PR
Mr. Lagheesh VM
Ms. Sumayyamol KS
Mr. Shijo Pathadan

A Tour Report to Coorg, Chikmangalur, Belur, and Malpe by MES MK Mackar Pillay
College for Advanced Studies, Edathala from 16.02.2024 to 21.02.2024
The college tour commenced with a pickup from Mangalur Station at 9.00 pm. Day two
started with a fresh-up at 7.00 am, followed by a hearty breakfast at 8.30 am. The day
was packed with visits to the Golden Temple, Bamboo Forest, and shopping. After a
delicious lunch at 1.30 pm, the group explored the Haranghi Dam at 3.00 pm and enjoyed
a lively DJ session at 7.00 pm. The day concluded with a scrumptious dinner and stay at
On day three, after a fulfilling breakfast at 8.30 am, the journey proceeded to Belur for a
visit to the Belur Temple at 12.00 pm. After a scrumptious lunch, the group engaged in
exciting water activities such as kayaking, rafting, and banana riding. The day ended with
a fulfilling dinner and overnight stay.
Day four began with a delicious breakfast at 8.00 am, followed by an exciting jeep
trekking adventure to various spots like Siri Statue, Seethalayangiri, Mullayangiri, Z
Point, and Honnamana Falls. After lunch, the group moved to Uduppi for dinner and
overnight stay.
The fifth day started with a delightful breakfast at 8.00 am, followed by a visit to St.
Marys Island for breathtaking views. A delicious lunch was served at 1.00 pm, after
which the group moved to the picturesque Malpe Beach for a relaxing evening. The day
concluded with a return to the station at 9.00 pm.
Food menus throughout the trip included a variety of sumptuous dishes such as idly,
dosa, poori, idiyappam with sambar, chutney, veg curry, bread, jam for breakfast, chicken
biryani or ghee rice with chicken curry or Kerala meals with fish curry for lunch, and
porota, chapathi, ghee rice with chicken curry, kabab, or alfahm for dinner.
Overall, the tour was filled with memorable experiences, scenic locations, adventurous
activities, and delicious meals, making it a truly unforgettable journey for all the

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