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The Department of Commerce has been functioning with M. Com E- Commerce since 2007 and now it functioning with M. Com Finance and Taxation. B.Com Computer Application and Finance and Taxation were introduced in 2010,2013 respectively. All courses are functioning under Self Financing stream. The department is committed to provide quality education in advanced accounting careers with special emphasis to valuable and marketable accounting skills. The alumini of the department include many well known personalities in accounting, banking, business, management etc.

Commerce department dedicated to impart effective, supportive, accessible, affordable and quality education opportunities to the students with a holistic concern for better life, environment and society.So as to create successful entrepreneurs as well as competent human resource with global competency suitable for trade, service and industry there by contributing well-being of society and national development An integral development of whole human person guided by value based quality higher education to help the student to evolve into competent citizen of the nation to be of better service to the society.
Empowering students with quality commerce education, training and guidance which nurture spirit of entrepreneurship as well as enhancing employability with state-of-the-art technology and work ethos which imparts values that develop social consciousness to enable holistic personality development with humane and global outlook. In keeping with our visions, Department of Commerce has the following mission:

  • ‌To foster creative ability and critical thinking.
  • ‌‌To inculcate team spirit and leadership skills in the students to ensure success in their professions and to assume career responsibilities.
  • ‌To produce future citizens of moral integrity who uphold the values enshrined in the Indian constitution.
  • ‌‌To provide our students with requisite knowledge and communicative skills for appropriate development of learners.
  • ‌‌To Provide a nurturing and motivating environment to exploit the full potential of the students.
Department of Commerce
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