University Examination Committee

The university examination cell within a college is tasked with several key objectives to ensure
the efficient and fair conduct of examinations. Its responsibilities include organizing
examinations according to the academic calendar, managing logistical aspects such as venue
arrangements and stationery procurement, coordinating with faculty for question paper
setting, and assigning invigilators to maintain discipline. Additionally, the examination cell
oversees registration processes, distributes admit cards or hall tickets, and processes
examination results accurately and transparently. It also maintains records, ensures
compliance with regulations, and provides support to students. Continuous improvement of
examination processes is emphasized to adapt to evolving academic standards and feedback
from stakeholders. Overall, the examination cell plays a crucial role in upholding the integrity
of the examination system and contributing to the quality of education within the college.


Chief Superintendent: Dr. R Murugan, Principal
Senior Assistant Superintendent: Mr. Lagheesh V M, Vice Principal