Nature Club

The nature club teaches student to love their mother nature and conserve the resources in it. Due to various activities of humans the environment has subjected to irreparable damages. So immediate measures are to be taken to preserve a rescue the nature otherwise it will have a reverse and negative impact on us. The environment and the resources in it is to be protected at any cost. The protection of the environment should be the primary concern of the nature club. The nature club has been introduced to generate awareness among the students.


  • Environmental Awareness: The club may aim to raise awareness about environmental issues and the importance of conservation among students. This can be achieved through organizing events, workshops, and campaigns related to sustainability, waste management, climate change, and biodiversity.

  • Conservation and Restoration: The club may focus on actively participating in conservation efforts by organizing tree planting drives, clean-up activities, and restoration projects. This can help in preserving the natural resources within and around the college campus.

  • Education and Research: The club may provide opportunities for students to learn about various aspects of nature and the environment. This can include organizing lectures, seminars, and field trips to explore local ecosystems, wildlife, and natural habitats. Additionally, the club may encourage students to undertake research projects related to environmental issues.

  • Promoting Sustainable Practices: The club may promote sustainable practices within the college community, such as waste reduction, recycling, energy conservation, and water management. This can involve organizing awareness campaigns, implementing eco-friendly initiatives on campus, and encouraging students to adopt sustainable lifestyles.

  • Advocacy and Policy: The club may aim to advocate for environmental causes at both local and national levels. This can involve lobbying for policies that support environmental protection, participating in relevant campaigns, and collaborating with other organizations working towards similar goals.

  • Community Engagement: The club may engage with the local community to create a positive impact on the environment. This can include organizing outreach programs, conducting workshops for schools or community groups, and collaborating with local NGOs or government bodies to address environmental issues.

Teacher Coordinator

  • Ms. Pinky Thomas

Nature Club in Our College

The nature club in our college was formed and became operational since June 2016. Nature club along with NSS conducted several programs.