DATE: 10/08/ 2023

Program Coordinators: Ms. Sunitha K S Nair

 Ms. Reshma P R


Right to life and safety is a fundamental right of any citizen. This is guaranteed under the constitution of every country in the world including India. Anything, which is hazardous to human, violates the right to life, and road safety is as much on the agenda as any other area, which may be accident-prone.There is a need for a proper policy on road safety and its implementation and education, and the medical facilities should be of a very high quality in order to give first aid to the victims, especially on the highways.

NSS Unit of MES M.K Mackar Pillay College For Advanced Studies, Edathala organised a road safety awareness programme on 10/08/2023 at college campus. Sri. Indhudharan Achari M. P,Motor Vehicle Inspector, RT Office Enforcement, Ernakulam illustrated the statistics of road accidents and deaths that are occurring in India every year and suggested few steps to reduce them and said that you as students should come forward with new projects to decrease traffic problems and accidents. He also spoken about how to drive, precautions, rules and regulations etc so as to keep ourselves safe on the road. He told everything with suitable examples so the students can understand and implement them. Also explained about various symbols like Mandatory symbols, Cautionary symbols and Informatory symbols.

He discussed the statistics of various types of road accidents in Kerala and explained the reasons that lead to these accidents. He further gave examples of various types of traffic violations and the penalties associated with them.

Mrs. Sunitha K. S. Nair, NSS Program Officer welcomed all for the programme. Mrs. PreejaKunjumon, Dr. Murugan R, College Principal; Lagheesh V. M, College Vice Principal; NSS Programme Officers, NSS Volunteers and other teachers also participated in the programme.

At the end of the session principal presented a memento to Mr. Indhudharan Achari M. P. Ms. Reshma P.R, NSS Programme Officer, proposed the vote of thanks.

                                                                                                                  SUNITHA K.S NAIR

                                                                                                                  RESHMA P.R

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