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Date :30/01/2024

Webinar Report: Intellectual Property Rights

On January 27, 2024, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, the Department of Biosciences, in
partnership with the Institution’s Innovation Council (|1C), successfully organized a
comprehensive webinar on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The primary goal of the event
was to educate participants about the importance of safeguarding intellectual property in
both academic and professional contexts.

The virtual gathering on Google Meet witnessed active participation from undergraduate
and postgraduate students, research scholars, and faculty members, not only from our
institution but also fromn various educational establishments. This diverse engagement
facilitated an inclusive and interactive experience.

The program commenced with a cordial welcome address by the Vice Principal, Mr. Laghesh
V.M, creating a positive atmosphere for the evening. Dr.Murugan.R, the Principal, followed
with a Presidential Address, sharing insightful perspectives on the crucial role of
understanding and protecting intellectual property in educational and research

A notable aspect of the event was the informative session led by Advocate Mohan Rai.
offering valuable insights into the legal aspects of intellectual property. Participants gained a
comprehensive understanding of copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets,
exploring their implications across different fields.

The dynamic Question-Answer session allowed direct engagement between participants and
speakers, encouraging a deeper exploration of intellectual property topics.
The coordination and seamless execution of the program were skillfully managed by Kavya. S, serving as the coordinator, and Shahana P. S, the lIC IPR Coordinator. Both played pivotal roles in ensuring the webinar aligned with the council’s objectives.
Upon the program’s conclusion, Kavya. S expressed heartfelt gratitude to all participants, distinguished speakers, and the organizing team. E-certificates were meticulously provided to recognize participants’ active involvement, fostering a sense of accomplishment for acquiring valuable knowledge on intellectual property rights.

The Intellectual Property Rights webinar stood out as a well-organized and informative
event that brought together a diverse audience, fostering awareness and understanding of
the importance of protecting intellectual property. The collaborative efforts of the
Department of Biosciences and IlC, led by Kavya. S and Shahana P.S, underscore the
commitment to knowledge dissemination and community engagement.

Kavya. S
Assistant Professor
Department of Bioscience

Shahana P. S (|1C-IPR Coordinator)
Assistant Professor
Department of Management

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