DATE: 01/11/2023

Program Coordinators:         Ms. Krishna Raj

Ms. Anu Varghese

Ms. Divya Antony


Kerala Piravi is more than just a day of celebration; it is a day of reflection, unity, and cultural pride for the people of Kerala. The 2023 celebration was a colorful and enthusiastic event, with all the staffs of our institution  together to celebrate our state’s history and culture. The day served as a reminder of the rich heritage and traditions that make Kerala a unique and special place. Department of Biosciences and Department of Computer Science hosted the celebration of Kerala Piravi this year. The celebration included the following events:

  • Malayali Manka
  • Kerala Sreeman
  • Quiz
  • Bhashanam
  • Thalathinoppam

The winners of the event was felicitated with prizes. The Prizes  to the winners was sponsored by the College Managing committee chairman Adv. Ahammed Kunju.Active participation of all the staff members made the day remarkable and filled with joy.

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