Housekeeping Committee


A housekeeping committee is typically formed within an organization to oversee
and manage the cleanliness, order, and maintenance of its facilities. The
committee’s main objectives are to ensure that the environment is safe, hygienic,
and conducive to productivity. Its composition may include representatives from
various departments or areas to provide diverse perspectives and expertise. The
committee’s duties often encompass creating cleaning schedules, conducting
inspections, addressing cleanliness concerns, coordinating with staff, and
promoting a culture of cleanliness throughout the organization.

The duties of a housekeeping committee can include:
● Developing and implementing cleaning schedules.
● Conducting regular inspections of facilities to ensure cleanliness and
safety standards are met.
● Identifying areas for improvement and making recommendations for
necessary changes or upgrades.
● Coordinating with other departments or personnel to address specific
cleaning or maintenance needs.
● Training and educating staff on proper cleaning procedures and safety
● Monitoring inventory of cleaning supplies and equipment, and ensuring
adequate stock levels.
● Responding to any cleanliness-related complaints or concerns from
occupants or visitors.
● Promoting a culture of cleanliness and accountability throughout the
● Keeping records of cleaning activities, inspections, and any maintenance
issues for reference and reporting purposes.

Housekeeping incharges :

Haznath Sajid
Unnimaya M