To enable the Under Graduate students of Mahatma Gandhi University to understand the know-how of organic farming activities and thereby acquiring the related skill sets.

Implementation Team

Affiliated Colleges shall nominate one Faculty member as Coordinator for the purpose of conducting MOOC course. For each department/course in a college, one faculty member shall be the Mentor of the course. The committee comprising of Coordinator and Mentors shall be responsible for the conduct of MOOC course, including the Project work and the online examination to be conducted using the computer lab facility of the college. Mentors have the immediate responsibility to guide the students regarding the implementation of the project work as well assessing the performance of students, subject to the guidelines put forward by the University.

The implementation team of our college:

  • Mr.Rahul Thampi R– Coordinator
  • Ms. Anu Varghese


  • Ms. Krishna Raj
  • Ms. Betsy Manuel
  • Mr. Aji Daniyal
  • Ms. Divya Antony
Student Support