Website Administration Committee

Website administration committee begins with identifying the need for effective management and maintenance of the organization’s online presence. This involves securing the authority from organizational leadership and defining the committee’s scope and responsibilities, encompassing areas such as content management, technical maintenance, security, and compliance.

Committee members are carefully selected based on their expertise in web development, content management, IT security, and related fields. Training is provided to equip members with the necessary skills and knowledge, while clear procedures are established for handling website updates, content publishing, and security incidents.

Compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and organizational policies is ensured throughout the process. Continuous monitoring of website performance and ongoing improvement efforts are essential, supported by effective risk management strategies. Communication and collaboration among committee members and stakeholders facilitate coordination, while thorough documentation ensures accountability and continuity.

Through these steps, the website administration committee plays a vital role in maintaining a secure, compliant, and user-friendly online presence for the organization.

Website committee convener:

Rahul Thampi R


  1. Lagheesh V M
  2. Anu Varghese
  3. Rajagopal A T
  4. Sumayya Mol
  5. Unnimaya