SC/ST, Minority Cell

After splitting off from its parent affiliate, the Equal Opportunity Cell, the SC/ST Cell was founded on June 6th , 2020, with a primary goal of uplifting SC/ST students. The college’s SC/ST cell was established with the intention of empowering the SC and ST students enrolled there. In essence, The Cell supports students’ academic growth.


  • To ensure the welfare of SC and ST students in the college.
  • To make sure the scholarships are properly distributed.
  • To ensure proper functioning of the grievance redressal system for SC and ST students.
  • To promote the traditional arts of ST students.

Committee Composition

No.                      Name                     Designation Position
1                    Dr,Murugan R             Principal Chairman
2                 Mr.Rajagopal A T          Assistant Professor

Dept. of Commerce (Convenor)

3               Ms.Remya Krishnan       Assistant Professor

Dept. of Commerce (member)

4            Ms. Shahana K H               Assistant Professor

Dept. of Commerce (member)