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The Department of Biosciences organized an “Interschool Science
Exhibition and Competitions” as part of the observation of National Science Day on 29th
of February 2024 at MES M.K Mackar Pillay College for Advanced Studies, Edathala,
Aluva. The event’s outreach was enhanced by the participation of students from KNM MES
High School and Govt. HSS Edathala. The importance of the event was to encourage
scientific innovation and curiosity among school children, leading to a deeper comprehension
of scientific ideas. Program begin with a solemn prayer, creating a reverent ambiance for the
inauguration. Ms. Haznath Sajid, Assistant Professor, Department of Biosciences, extended a
warm welcome to all attendees, fostering a friendly atmosphere.
Students then entered the bioscience lab to look around the exhibit aimed at enriching
students’ understanding of various scientific concepts. The exhibition primarily focused on
still models, including depictions of viruses, bacteria, and the developmental stages of the
foetus. Through these exhibits, students were encouraged to delve deeper into the fascinating
realms of biology and medicine.
One of the key attractions of the exhibition was the display of intricate models showcasing
different types of viruses and bacteria. Students had the opportunity to observe these
microorganisms up close, gaining a better understanding of their structure, behaviour, and
significance in the natural world. Detailed explanations by students accompanied each model,
providing valuable insights into the role of viruses and bacteria in various ecosystems and
their impact on human health.

Another captivating aspect of the exhibition was the series of exhibits depicting the
developmental stages of the foetus. Through meticulously crafted models and illustrations,
students were able to trace the remarkable journey of human life from conception to birth.
This section of the exhibition sparked thought-provoking discussions on topics such as
embryonic development, prenatal care, and the miracle of childbirth.
Afterwards students concurrently participated in a quiz and a drawing competition. This
event, meticulously planned and executed by students of Biosciences, provided an exciting
platform for young minds to showcase their knowledge, critical thinking skills, and teamwork
abilities. Quiz competition comprised of multiple rounds covering diverse scientific
disciplines. The competition adopted a dynamic format, comprising multiple rounds such as
multiple-choice questions, buzzer rounds, and rapid-fire rounds. This ensured that
participants remained fully engaged throughout the event, with each round presenting new
challenges and opportunities to showcase their skills.
Drawing competition encouraged artistic expression intertwined with scientific themes,
encouraging participants to explore the intersection of art and science. The drawing
competition centered around a theme on “Indigenous Technologies for Viksit Bharat”
carefully chosen to stimulate creativity and imagination among participants. This theme
encouraged students to explore diverse concepts and express their unique perspectives
through their artwork.
Participants who demonstrated exceptional knowledge and performance were rewarded with
prizes and certificates, acknowledging their achievements and motivating them to continue
their pursuit of knowledge and excellence. Dr Anjana J C, our chief guest for national
symposium and principal, Dr Murugan R presented winners with their awards. Program
coordinator, Ms. Kavya S expressed her gratitude by sincerely thanking each and every
participant and supporters for their valuable contributions.

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