Report on the Student Development Program (SDP)


 Coordinators: BUSHARA.V.B




The Ed Club of MES M. K Mackar Pillay College For Advanced Studies, Edathala organized a comprehensive Student Development Program (SDP) for the students of KMEA College, Kuzhuvelippady on 20 th December 2023, focusing on enhancing paper-pen skills among students

Adv. Ahamed Kunju, the (Chairman of the college), inaugurated the workshop in the presence of Dr. Murugan R(Principal) Mr. Lagheesh VM, (Vice-Principal), and Mr. Rahul Thampi R, (IIC MES CAS President). The workshop aimed to reduce plastic use in society. The  Paper Making Workshop started and end at 1 pm. Ms. Shijinamol PA, Ms. Afniya PS, Ms. Riksana MA, and Ms. Rabiya TH, ( Co-founders of Paper Smithy) led the workshop. Fifteen students were participated in the work shop and provided the necessary materials for paper making. The certificates were distributed to the participants.The MOU was signed between the MES M K Mackar Pillay College For Advanced Studies, Edathala and KMEA College, Kuzhuvelippady.

The SDP organized by the Ed Club successfully achieved its objectives of enhancing paper-pen skills, fostering critical thinking, and promoting creativity among students.

                                                                                                                         BUSHARA.V.B                                                                                                                                                                           (  ED Club,Coordinator )                                                               

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