Sl. no.TitlePrincipal investigatorYearDurationFunding agencyProject status
1Isolation and Molecular identification of heterocyclic compound resistant bacteria isolated from hospital inpatientsKrishna Raj20233monthsOn going
2Molecular study on the activity of MDR bacteria on heterocyclic compound isolated from Pneumonia PatientsKrishna Raj20233monthsOn going
3 Isolation and comparitive study of microplastic from Heteropneustes fossilis from different sourcesKrishna Raj20233monthsOn going
4 Isolation and comparitive study of microplastic from Etroplus suratensis from different sourcesKrishna Raj20233monthsOn going
5Identification and screening of oil degrading bacteria in soil sample from automobile workshopFebina Ferose20223monthsKSCSTECompleted
6Screening of plastic degrading bacteria from plastic dumped soilFebina Ferose20223months KSCSTECompleted
7Isolation, Molecular identification of bacteria from spoiled diary products and determination of antimicrobial ,phytocheFebina Ferose20223monthsKSCSTECompleted
8Isolation and characterization of laccase producing bacteria and determination of enzyme activityFebina Ferose20223monthsKSCSTECompleted
9Isolation, identification and molecular study of bacteria from water sampleFebina Ferose20223monthsKSCSTECompleted
10Screening and molecular identification of bacteria and comparison of enzyme activity of isolated wild and mutantFebina Ferose20223monthsKSCSTECompleted
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